Finding a Montreal Orthodontist for Damon Braces

If you need help picking a Montreal orthodontist help you install Damon Braces, then you have come to right place. Damon Braces are a new orthodontic technology that promises patients greater comfort and less pain. The biggest selling feature of Damon Braces is that they are self-ligating.

What this means is that the brackets are not attached to be arch wire which means that your teeth can move freely when you are undergoing Damon Braces treatment. The lack of a permanently attached arch wire means that treatments can take less time than traditional braces with increased comfort and fewer trips to the orthodontist for adjustments.

This is a major advantage over traditional metal braces where the arch wire is attached using elastics or metal brackets. Because of the fixed nature of the arch wire in traditional metal braces, the arch wire must be made stiffer in order to provide the required amount of tension. Damon Braces on the other hand, do not need as much pressure on the arch wire so this translates into greater comfort and less pain for patients.

Most Montreal orthodontists will offer Damon Braces as an alternative to traditional metal braces. If you are looking to get an orthodontist help install your Damon Braces, then you should know the following things. The first thing is that all price quotes that you received are negotiable. The orthodontic field, especially in Montreal is highly competitive with several orthodontists competing for your business. If you receive a quote that you do not like, you can simply go to another orthodontist to get a lower quote, or negotiate with the orthodontist that you want to go with.

Regardless of the orthodontist that you go with, is important that you check their credentials to make sure that they are actually orthodontists. Many dentists these days will claim that they are orthodontists, and offer many of the same services such as Invisalign and brace installations. What they lack however, is the several years of training that orthodontists take after dentistry school. It’s not to say that a dentist cannot do the orthodontic work, but rather that if you go to an orthodontist, is more likely that he or she will be able to identify issues with your teeth and temporal mandibular joint that your dentist may not otherwise be able to see.

When choosing orthodontists to install your Damon Braces, you should look for someone who belongs to the American Association of orthodontists. It would be even better if they belong to be American board of orthodontics as a diplomate. This is a special designation that must be earned through a combination of written exams and case presentations. Orthodontist that proudly display this certification are among the best orthodontistx in the country. If you decide to get your Damon Braces from a diplomate of the American board of orthodontics, you can rest assured that your teeth will be in good hands.

Are you using a harmful toothpaste with triclosan?

Products containing harmful chemical triclosan

If you are considering orthodontic care in Montreal, then it’s likely that you are brushing your teeth everyday so that you can get that perfect smile. Beware the hidden dangers in your bathroom however. There exists a chemical known as Triclosan which is used in a number of household products that range from toothpastes to mouthwashes to toothbrushs and handclothes. The chemical is also used in soaps, cutting boards and even socks.

This chemical is found in over 2,600 different products and has been found in the serum levels of over 80% of the Canadian population. Though consumer groups had previously raised concerns over this chemical, a recent study released by UC Davis shows that the chemical impairs muscle functions in mice and fish. In the mice, exposure to the chemicals reduced their heart function by 25% while their grip strength decreased by 18%. The fish that were exposed to this chemical had 10% less swimming ability, even when put in life-or-death situations such as under attack by predators.

Both the Canadian Health Agency and the American Medican Association have expressed concerns that prolonged use of Triclosan can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. There is an active campaign by several environmental organizations and advocacy groups to get use of this pesticide restricted only to hospital settings where it is used to treat MRSA (fleshing eating bacteria).  What’s more, in March 2012, Environment Canada declared triclosan harmful to the environment.

You can help protect yourself and your family by reducing exposure to products with triclosan. Colgate Total is a toothpaste that many people use that contains triclosan. While it is true that the ingredient is highly effective against gingivitis, there is a wealth of studies that show that triclosan impacts endocrine functionality and can affect thyroid functions.  We recommend that you look through your household for products that contain triclosan and replace them with other alternatives.

Apart from toothpastes, the most common household items containing triclosan are soaps. Over 75% of liquid soaps on the market contain this product, but it is not needed as the stance of the American Medical Association is that such products are no more effective than normal soap and water as they kill good bacteria that can help fight infections. If you use a hand-based sanitizer, it is recommended that you switch to one based on an alchohol content of at least 62%. This concentration is enough to be effective, but does not have the residual side effects of triclosan which can make its way into our water supply.

Depending on how it is marketed, Triclosan can go under other names that include Microban® Additive B, Irgasan® (DP 300 or PG 60) and Biofresh®.

We recommend the following toothpastes without Triclosan

We recommend the follow mouthwashes without Triclosan

For more information about the study, visit this site.

The Price of Braces in Canada

These braces can be had for thousands less than Damon Braces, Incognito and Invisalign orthodontic treatments.

If you are looking for braces in Canada, the price that you pay will depend on the province that you are in. If you are unfortunate enough to live in Ontario or British Columbia, then you will be facing some of the highest Brace prices in Canada. It is no surprise then that these two areas also have the most expensive real estate. The average cost in Canada for braces can range from $3000-$10,000 depending on your treatment. Depending on where you get your treatment, you can save as much as $1000-$2000 if you are willing to travel to the Maritimes. This isn’t practical for many as you will need to visit your orthodontist on a regular basis to get your braces adjusted. However, it is possible to get out of province savings within your province.

The first thing that we suggest, and suggest in all of our articles, is that you visit several orthodontists when you first begin your orthodontic treatment journey. You want to get answers for the questions that you have, and answers for the questions that you don’t know you have. You also want to be aware of all the options facing you as, unlike a car, braces are not a commodity and are unique to your circumstances. What your orthodontist will do when looking at you is to come up with a solution that he feels is best for your malocclusions. This is going to be different from one another orthodontist may think and treatments can range in cost and invasiveness. It’s through this better understanding that you will be able to accurately negotiate for the lowest price.

Another thing to keep in mind is that people travel a lot in the summertime and during the holiday season in Montréal. This makes them less likely to want to undergo orthodontic treatment during these periods. As such orthodontists do not have as many patients as they would like and are willing to offer significant discounts to help get patients in the door. Some may choose to advertise holiday specials, while others will simply be willing to negotiate with you to knock off several hundred or even one thousand dollars off your orthodontic treatment. By taking advantage of seasonality, you can save significant amounts of money. This is true not just for orthodontic work but for other types of services and products as well. Laser eye surgery is significantly cheaper during the summer as people are unwilling to undergo the hassle of having to wear sunglasses during this sunny periods. As a result, laser eye surgery is up to The price it is in the summer as compared to the winter.

While in Montréal, you can also take advantage of your medical extended benefits through work. Work will often pay a significant portion of your orthodontic treatment in Montréal up to a maximum reimbursable amount each year. If you can work with your orthodontist to space out your payments, then you can save the maximum amount of money when choosing the best orthodontic treatment in Montréal.

Where to Find The Cheapest Braces in Montreal

She’s happy because she found the cheapest braces in Montreal

The cheapest braces in Montreal can be found at your local Montreal dentist. Going to a Montreal Dentist can save you thousands of dollars over going to a Montreal Orthodontist. If you go get your braces done by your dentist, then simple basic metal braces can be had for only a few thousand dollars. We do not recommend going to a dentist for orthodontic care unless your case is extremely simple though. Read on to find out more about what it is important to go to a Montreal Orthodontist.

As you may know, an orthodontist deals with malocclusions or a misalignment of teeth. Your dentist on the other hand is concerned with the health of your oral cavity. This is similar to the relationship between a podiatrist and a family doctor. A podiatrist is concerned with the treatment and diagnosis of your lower legs, ankles and feet whereas your family doctor is concerned with the overall health of your body. While you may visit your family doctor to get an ankle brace to help treat a sprain, would you really want your family doctor to be dealing with cracks in the bones of your feet? They may know something about it, but wouldn’t you rather have someone who looks at feet all day?

This is the same for dentists and orthodontists. A dentist may treat malocclusions and have some experience in doing so, but this is nothing compared to the number of cases that an orthodontist may treat. An orthodontist also receives specialized training that spans several years in which they learn about issues such as TMJ problems (temporomandibular joint) and issues with facial symmetry that occur when you move misaligned teeth. A dentist may have surface knowledge of these issues, but without the benefit of seeing the hundreds of cases that an orthodontist may, it is impossible for them to have the same skillset.

Fixing teeth is as much of an artform as it is a science. Though there are generally accepted practices, often times, there will be significant discretion involved with how best to treat a malocclusion. An orthodontist will be able to see the impact that the movement of teeth will have on your jaw and the impact it may have on your bite whereas a dentist may only be concerned with the straightness of your teeth.

A highly trained orthodontist will also have access to significantly more resources. Most dentists are only trained in offering Invisalign retainers in Montreal to clients. Though Invisalign can be an excellent solution for people that need their teeth to be moved, it is not an ideal solution for when teeth need to be moved vertically. More specialized options such as Damon Braces may be required. Any trained orthodontist will be able to offer Damon braces in Montreal while there are very few dentists that have the skills to install Damon Braces. What’s more, if you look for even more exotic solutions like behind the teeth lingual braces, your options are even more limited as even some orthodontists do not have the training to install lingual braces!

It’s thus in your best interests to visit several orthodontists when considering and choosing your orthodontist or dentist in Montreal for treatment of your malocclusions. Even if you end up going with a dentist to save some money, the peace of mind that the best Montreal orthodontists can provide simply does not have a price.

Damon Braces Cost in Montreal Orthodontics

Damon Braces in Montreal are an alternative to Invisalign Orthodontic Treatments In Montreal

If you are looking to get braces in Montreal, then you should highly consider asking your Montreal Orthodontist for Damon Braces.  Damon Braces are a product that offer many of the advantages of traditional metal braces without some of the downsides. The cost of Damon Braces in Montreal ranges from $3,800 to $8,000. If you are concerned about having metal braces in your mouth, then you owe it to yourself to ask for Clear Damon Braces which many believe are a more superior product to Invisalign retainers.

Damon braces are available with metal or clear brackets though most people opt for the clear bracket system. This system is almost invisible to the naked eye and cannot be seen unless one is looking closely. This compares to Invisalign retainers that wrap around your teeth completely. Though Invisalign retainers are clear, their design makes it easy for food and drink to accumulate in the spaces which can make your teeth look discolored and dirty. Many people report that people mistake their Invisalign retainers for dirty teeth. Visit this page for more information about Invisalign in Montreal.

Damon braces on the other hand do not have this problem. Because the brackets are attached to the arch wire using a proprietary method, there are no elastics or metal brackets required. The lack of elastics means that there are less things on your teeth that can attract food and accumulate unsightly plaque. What’s more, because the arch wire position is not fixed on your brackets, it can move as your teeth move. This results in less discomfort and less pain.

What’s more, Damon braces can significantly decrease treatment time as compared to traditional metal solutions. Though Invisalign retainers can be just as fast, some users have reported mixed results. Damon braces are a full mouth solution that work on every single tooth in your mouth. When installing Damon braces, teeth extractions are extremely rare which can lead to a significant reduction in the cost of orthodontic work in Montreal.

When you are done with your Damon braces treatment, you can look forward to having a fuller, more youthful smile. Your cheekbones will be smoother and your facial profile will become more symmetrical which scientists have shown is a sign of attractiveness. A fuller smile also means that there will be less dark triangles in the corners of your mouth when you smile so you do not need to be self-conscious about smiling ever again! If you want to look more youthful and have more self-esteem and more self-confidence, then Damon Braces and your Montreal orthodontist might just be what you need. Don’t wait and book your free consultation with the best orthodontists in Montreal right here.

The Best Invisalign Montreal Orthodontist

The first question people tend to ask about Invisalign in Montreal is, “How much does Invisalign cost in Montreal.” We’ve answered that in a previous post here. With an idea of the costs, there’s the question about how you find an Invisalign specialist in Montreal. If you are unsure, you can take a look at the official Invisalign website to search for a professional that offers Invisalign in Montreal.

To get Invisalign for your teeth, you need to visit a professional that is Invisalign certified. Luckily in Montreal, most orthodontists and even some dentists are certified to fit you for Invisalign braces. You can choose to start looking for Invisalign in Montreal right off the bat, or after visiting with a few orthodontists to see what your options are.

By then, you should have a better idea of what Invisalign does, but in case you’re just beginning to do research now, you can find more information about what Invisalign is by visiting the company website. In short, instead of having braces permanently attached to your teeth, Invisalign consists of several clear plastic trays that change ever two weeks. These trays are designed for your teeth and will slowly move your teeth to the right place over time.

Invisalign created by Orthodontic Specialist in Montreal

They’re removeable which has several advantages. The first is that you can brush and floss much more easily than with normal braces. Even lingual braces which are installed behind your teeth can be problematic for flossing and brushing. As you will get your teeth scanned during the Invisalign installation process, you will also get to see digitally what your teeth will look like when everything is done! The other main advantage is that there are no sharp metal bits that can irritate your mouth and gums. Unlike traditional braces, you will never have issues with an arch wire poking you or requiring emergency dental work.

Some of the more common issues that Invisalign can fix include:

  • Overcrowded teeth: this happens when there isn’t enough room in your mouth for all your teeth to fit.
  • Widely spaced teeth: this happens when you have too much space in your jaw and as a result you have unsightly gaps between your teeth.
  • Crossbites: this happens when your upper and lower jaws aren’t aligned properly left to right which leads to premature wearing on the sides of your teeth.
  • Underbites and overbites: This happens when your upper or lower teeth overlap the other.

What are you waiting for? Start looking for a Montreal Orthodontist today to get the best Invisalign treatment in Montreal for your teeth. With Invisalign, you can eat, drink and brush as normal – the same can’t be said for other types of braces.

How much do braces cost in Montreal

Braces Procedure in Montreal after successfully getting the cheapest braces in Montreal

When you research orthodontists, you will discover that many of them have differing opinions on treatment types and options. This results in a huge price range that can go from as low as $4,000 to as high as $10,000 or even more if your treatment is complex.

Even as appliances (that’s another word for braces) become more popular, we do not expect the price of braces to drop significantly. Braces costs are increasing as are the overheads of orthodontists Montreal as they continue to invest in their offices and the technologies that they use. Some of the more specific questions that we’ve had about braces and costs include:

  • How much does Invisalign cost in Montreal? As with braces, it’ll vary, but the range is approximately $3,500 to $8,000. The national average as of 2012 was $6,500. Click here for how to find the best Invisalign Orthodontist in Montreal.
  • How much do Damon Braces cost in Montreal? The good news about Damon braces is that the prices do not vary significantly across the country. The bad news is that they’re still typically more expensive than regular braces so you can expect your costs to range from $3,800 to $8,000.

How do I make braces more affordable?

The first thing you should do is consult with a number of Montreal orthodontists to get an idea of what you need vs what you want. You will receive a price range for your treatment options so if you’re comfortable with the lowest cost option, then choose him!

Check your extended health to see if they cover orthodontic treatments. In Canada, some of your orthodontic treatments can be covered by the extended health provided through your work. Currently, if you are subscribed to the Enhances Dental Plan Option at the Pacific Blue Cross, you are eligible for reimbursement of 50% up to a max of $1,000 per year on Orthodontics after 25 months. If you have the Enhances Personal Health Insurance at Sun Life Financial, you are eligible for 60% reimbursement of your costs up to a $1,500 lifetime maximum.

Check with local dental schools such as McGill and the Universite de Montreal. These are two great dentistry schools in Montreal that require patients to help train the next generation of orthodontists. You can apply to the McGill Teaching Clinic here. The costs for an application are $25.00 for orthodontic treatments.

Your other alternative is to check with the orthodontontistry clinic at the Universite de Montreal. They take limited patients each semester. More information on getting into their program can be found here.

Look into payment plans. Many orthodontists offer payment plans to help ease the cost of orthodontic treatments. This usually consists of a lump sum payment up front along with payments along the way. Be sure to take a look at the conditions that they offer and applicable interest rates if they are being charged. Sometimes, it may be worthwhile to look at a line of credit from TD Canada Trust, BMO, Royal Bank or ScotiaBank instead.

What to look for in a Montreal Orthodontist

Montreal Orthodontics Happy Smile for Work well Done

Free consultations will be an important part of your search for a Montreal Orthodontist. During these free consultations, the orthodontist will examine your teeth and speak to you about your goals. They will come up with a recommended treatment plan along with estimated costs.

When meeting with your orthodontist for your free consultation, you should be looking to answer three main questions: education, recommendations and references.

Orthodontic Education

In order to practice in the field of orthodontics, a Montreal Orthodontist must go through several additional years of training. One of the top schools for that training is the Universite de Montreal which offers a Masters specialization in orthodontics. In addition to their education, you will also want to see what associations they belong to. Some notable ones in Montreal include:

Montreal Orthodontist Treatment Recommendations

After confirming their education (which you can usually find on their websites), you’ll want to find out important questions about the treatment that they recommend. The usual questions that we recommend you ask include:

  • What do you recommend?
  • Do I have any other options?
  • Is surgery needed?
  • How long will the treatment take?
  • Do I need to take time off work? If so, how much time do I need to take off work?
  • How many visits will I need over the course of the treatments?
  • What happens in an emergency? How do I get a hold of you?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Does the cost include the cost of braces and additional fees?
  • What kind of payment terms do you offer?
  • Are there any discounts for paying a lump sum (we usually don’t recommend this except in the most basic of cases as you don’t want to be paying for treatment that you don’t need)?
  • Do you offer Invisalign or Damon Braces?


Once you have answered the what, where and how, it’s also important to build more comfort in the skills of your Montreal Orthodontist. By now you should have a pretty good sense for how comfortable you are, but you should also make it a point to ask for references to other patients that have undergone similar treatments. Once you contact them, be sure to ask them about their experiences and the things that they wish they knew before starting treatment. Some of their tips (which you’ll find on this website) may be just what you need to be more comfortable!

Some other questions you might want to ask the references include:

  • How many other orthodontists did you visit with?
  • What types of treatment plans were proposed?
  • Why did you choose this treatment option?
  • Why did you choose this orthodontist?
  • Would you go with this orthodontist again?
  • If you had to do it over again, would you still go with this option?
  • How uncomfortable were you in your first couple of weeks?
  • How long did your treatment take?
  • Is there anything I should know about that I haven’t asked?

Remember, your braces are going to be a part of you for a long time. They’re not cheap and can cause discomfort. The more research you do at this step, the more prepared you’ll be when visiting your Montreal Orthodontist!

Tips for Choosing the Best Orthodontist in Montreal

Montreal Orthodontic Brace Work

When choosing an orthodontist in Montreal, it’s important to remember that the best orthodontist for your friends and family may not be the right orthodontist for you. Everyone has a different set of needs for their teeth and smile so it’s important that you meet with a number of different orthodontists before deciding on one. Don’t simply choose the one that your dentist or friends and family suggest to you!

The reason for this is that, like other service professions, each orthodontist in Montreal will have different opinions on the suitable treatment for you. These treatments can range from less intrusive methods like Invisalign brackets to the more traditional treatments like metal braces to extremely complicated procedures involving surgery and teeth removal. It can be a little overwhelming to take it all in so we’ve put together an easy step by step guide for choosing the best orthodontist in Montreal (for you).

  • Get referrals: Talk to your dentist and family and friends and ask them which orthodontists they have used for treatment in the past. Be sure to ask what they liked and didn’t like about their orthodontist. This will give you an idea of the questions that you should be asking your montreal orthodontist.
  • Book some initial consultation meetings: Your initial meeting with the orthodontist is free so be sure to take advantage of it to meet with four to five orthodontists (or even more if your time and patience allow for). This will give you a sense for the price of price of braces in Montreal. Remember though – cheapest isn’t always the best.
  • Prepare your questions: Write down some key questions that you need answered. It helps keep you focused on making the decision and figuring out what the right options are for you. You will want to focus on the treatments and the costs of everything including your retainer after your treatment. Treatment time is also a key factor that you should consider.
  • Meet with your orthodontists: Bring your prepared questions and write down the responses to each one. You’ll probably have even more questions as you go through the process so be sure to write them down as well! Best not to rely on your memory as after meeting four orthodontists, the answers may all seem the same.
  • Review your answers: see which ones make you feel the most comfortable and rank the orthodontists based on that criteria.
  • Begin your treatment: Call up that orthodontist and book an appointment for you to come in and begin your treatment!

Choosing an orthodontist can be difficult for some, but with our step by step process it’s easy! Building a relationship with your orthodontist in Montreal be the difference between an extremely difficult treatment and an easy one. Don’t wait – start looking for your montreal orthodontist today.

Helping you find the best orthodontist in Montreal

Braces installed by the best orthodontist in Montreal

As one of Quebec’s largest cities, Montreal is home to the best hockey team in the country. Did you also know that it’s home to some of the top orthodontists in the country as well? It’s true! As a thriving bilingual metropolitan, the city has managed to attract some of the brightest and most capable orthodontists in Canada. The secret lies in the city’s rich history which, coupled with a bustling night life, has attracted top orthodontists young and old.

If you’re a Montreal native, then there is no better time than now to visit an orthodontist in Montreal. These highly trained specialists receive years of training after dentist school to learn how to fix common issues like overbites, underbites and crooked teeth. They’re also experts in diagnosing jaw problems related to teeth alignment problems.

Montreal Orthodontists have access to the latest diagnostic machines that include 3D scanners that can build before and after shots of your teeth. Depending on what you’re looking for, they’re able to offer the latest and greatest in treatment technologies that range from your basic (but still improved) metal braces to Invisalign solutions to 3M Incognitio hidden braces to self-adjusting Damon Braces. Regardless of what you’re looking for, your Montreal Orthodontist will provide you with the solutions you need to get that perfect smile.

This site is dedicated to all the great orthodontists in Montreal and to you, the reader. We’ve made this site easy to use so that you can see the process of getting braces from start to finish. No matter where you are in your journey, our guides will show you step by step, in plain English, the things you should know before, during and after getting braces.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please drop us a line and tell us what you think. We love hearing suggestions from our visitors on how to make this the #1 source on finding the best orthodontists in Montreal.