Tips for Choosing the Best Orthodontist in Montreal

Montreal Orthodontic Brace Work

When choosing an orthodontist in Montreal, it’s important to remember that the best orthodontist for your friends and family may not be the right orthodontist for you. Everyone has a different set of needs for their teeth and smile so it’s important that you meet with a number of different orthodontists before deciding on one. Don’t simply choose the one that your dentist or friends and family suggest to you!

The reason for this is that, like other service professions, each orthodontist in Montreal will have different opinions on the suitable treatment for you. These treatments can range from less intrusive methods like Invisalign brackets to the more traditional treatments like metal braces to extremely complicated procedures involving surgery and teeth removal. It can be a little overwhelming to take it all in so we’ve put together an easy step by step guide for choosing the best orthodontist in Montreal (for you).

  • Get referrals: Talk to your dentist and family and friends and ask them which orthodontists they have used for treatment in the past. Be sure to ask what they liked and didn’t like about their orthodontist. This will give you an idea of the questions that you should be asking your montreal orthodontist.
  • Book some initial consultation meetings: Your initial meeting with the orthodontist is free so be sure to take advantage of it to meet with four to five orthodontists (or even more if your time and patience allow for). This will give you a sense for the price of price of braces in Montreal. Remember though – cheapest isn’t always the best.
  • Prepare your questions: Write down some key questions that you need answered. It helps keep you focused on making the decision and figuring out what the right options are for you. You will want to focus on the treatments and the costs of everything including your retainer after your treatment. Treatment time is also a key factor that you should consider.
  • Meet with your orthodontists: Bring your prepared questions and write down the responses to each one. You’ll probably have even more questions as you go through the process so be sure to write them down as well! Best not to rely on your memory as after meeting four orthodontists, the answers may all seem the same.
  • Review your answers: see which ones make you feel the most comfortable and rank the orthodontists based on that criteria.
  • Begin your treatment: Call up that orthodontist and book an appointment for you to come in and begin your treatment!

Choosing an orthodontist can be difficult for some, but with our step by step process it’s easy! Building a relationship with your orthodontist in Montreal be the difference between an extremely difficult treatment and an easy one. Don’t wait – start looking for your montreal orthodontist today.