Where to Find The Cheapest Braces in Montreal

She’s happy because she found the cheapest braces in Montreal

The cheapest braces in Montreal can be found at your local Montreal dentist. Going to a Montreal Dentist can save you thousands of dollars over going to a Montreal Orthodontist. If you go get your braces done by your dentist, then simple basic metal braces can be had for only a few thousand dollars. We do not recommend going to a dentist for orthodontic care unless your case is extremely simple though. Read on to find out more about what it is important to go to a Montreal Orthodontist.

As you may know, an orthodontist deals with malocclusions or a misalignment of teeth. Your dentist on the other hand is concerned with the health of your oral cavity. This is similar to the relationship between a podiatrist and a family doctor. A podiatrist is concerned with the treatment and diagnosis of your lower legs, ankles and feet whereas your family doctor is concerned with the overall health of your body. While you may visit your family doctor to get an ankle brace to help treat a sprain, would you really want your family doctor to be dealing with cracks in the bones of your feet? They may know something about it, but wouldn’t you rather have someone who looks at feet all day?

This is the same for dentists and orthodontists. A dentist may treat malocclusions and have some experience in doing so, but this is nothing compared to the number of cases that an orthodontist may treat. An orthodontist also receives specialized training that spans several years in which they learn about issues such as TMJ problems (temporomandibular joint) and issues with facial symmetry that occur when you move misaligned teeth. A dentist may have surface knowledge of these issues, but without the benefit of seeing the hundreds of cases that an orthodontist may, it is impossible for them to have the same skillset.

Fixing teeth is as much of an artform as it is a science. Though there are generally accepted practices, often times, there will be significant discretion involved with how best to treat a malocclusion. An orthodontist will be able to see the impact that the movement of teeth will have on your jaw and the impact it may have on your bite whereas a dentist may only be concerned with the straightness of your teeth.

A highly trained orthodontist will also have access to significantly more resources. Most dentists are only trained in offering Invisalign retainers in Montreal to clients. Though Invisalign can be an excellent solution for people that need their teeth to be moved, it is not an ideal solution for when teeth need to be moved vertically. More specialized options such as Damon Braces may be required. Any trained orthodontist will be able to offer Damon braces in Montreal while there are very few dentists that have the skills to install Damon Braces. What’s more, if you look for even more exotic solutions like behind the teeth lingual braces, your options are even more limited as even some orthodontists do not have the training to install lingual braces!

It’s thus in your best interests to visit several orthodontists when considering and choosing your orthodontist or dentist in Montreal for treatment of your malocclusions. Even if you end up going with a dentist to save some money, the peace of mind that the best Montreal orthodontists can provide simply does not have a price.