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Finding a Montreal Orthodontist for Damon Braces

If you need help picking a Montreal orthodontist help you install Damon Braces, then you have come to right place. Damon Braces are a new orthodontic technology that promises patients greater comfort and less pain. The biggest selling feature of Damon Braces is that they are self-ligating. What this means is that the brackets are […]

Damon Braces Cost in Montreal Orthodontics

If you are looking to get braces in Montreal, then you should highly consider asking your Montreal Orthodontist for Damon Braces. ┬áDamon Braces are a product that offer many of the advantages of traditional metal braces without some of the downsides. The cost of Damon Braces in Montreal┬áranges from $3,800 to $8,000. If you are […]